About the Book

Your Inner Pharmacy busts the following myths:

1. We are all destined to get a chronic condition, especially the older we get.

Chronic conditions do not have to be an inevitable part of aging. In fact, they are preventable. We all have within us an “Inner Pharmacy,” which is the body’s own ability to regulate, balance, and heal itself. Our inner pharmacies make chemicals all the time. By working with our inner pharmacies, we can help our bodies create more of the good chemicals that restore and promote normal function, which in turn can keep chronic conditions from manifesting.

2. Chronic disease is something that you “catch” or “get” from an outside invader.

Chronic disease develops gradually over time due to a dysfunction in the body.
Once the deterioration reaches a level where the body can’t regulate itself, it becomes recognizable as disease, and requires outside intervention. Some chronic diseases include osteoarthritis, asthma, GERD and heartburn, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and anxiety/depression disorders. Chronic diseases can be prevented.

3. There’s nothing you can do about a chronic disease.

You do not need to resign yourself to a downhill slide. Dr. Blaich helps you to identify what malfunctions in your body cause the disease to occur and to advance. These are called “weak links,” which can be from genetic inheritance, old injuries, or stresses and lifestyle imbalances. You can then work to improve and strengthen those functions to prevent further deterioration and perhaps restore some of the normal function that has been lost.

4. When something hurts, the only way to stop the pain is to take medication.

Using medications to manage and treat chronic disease is certainly valid once the body can no longer regulate itself. But remember, these symptoms and the illness itself are primarily being created by an imbalance of the Inner Pharmacy. By identifying your weak links, shifting your lifestyle, and working with your Inner Pharmacy, a different set of chemicals can be produced, which then results in a different set of positive effects.

5. One doctor can treat every symptom.

When you look at the triad of health – structural, chemical, emotional – there may be many causes for one symptom. If three people complained of frequent headaches, you might find one person’s is caused by a past injury, one by a food allergy, and one by stress due to lifestyle factors. Therefore, one person would benefit most by seeing a chiropractor, one by seeing a nutritionist, and one an acupuncturist or a generalist as a lifestyle coach.