Optimize Your Health and Performance

Health is not just the absence of disease; it is being the full expression of you, thriving and performing at your best in the challenges of daily living.

In terms of your quality of life, career, and success, what is the cost of “not being at your best” day after day?

Being and performing at your best requires an abundance of Energy, vitality, a clear mind, and a properly functioning body.

Unfortunately, the standards and expectations of so many people, in the past decades, have deteriorated to where it is common to plod through daily life and think they are healthy as long as they aren’t in severe pain or being hospitalized. Common thinking is that you are healthy as long as you have a heartbeat, are breathing, and aren’t sick.

These attitudes take on great significance when applied to a culture, as a whole. Not only do they impact “health care” and its enormous economic toll, but also on the productivity, health, and well-being of a society. As a result the U.S. is spending trillions of dollars each year managing diseases. So many of these health care dollars could be better spent in building infrastructure, improving education, arts and sciences, and contributing to a stronger culture and richer experience of daily living.

“Shifting to a healthy mindset”, (the sub-title of my book), can raise our standards and expectations of heath and human performance. This, in turn, would lower our “disease care” bill and free up tax dollars that could be used for other purposes.

Thinking of “health as optimal function” isn’t just a concept for competitive athletes. It is a concept and attitude that can improve the health and productivity of a culture. While it may be quite different from how the U.S. currently views health, disease, and health care, it is an attitude that could prevent the “spiraling out-of-control” health care bill from taking such a huge toll on our economy and quality of life.

Holistic health care, described in “Your Inner Pharmacy“, focuses on restoring and maintaining health…..which is so different than treating diseases. One of the greatest “off-label” benefits of optimizing your health is that your performance and experience of daily life also improves. Imagine the positive changes that could happen to a culture that shifted its focus from disease to health.