A New Dimension to Meridian Tapping Techniques

Enhance the results of tapping techniques (TFT, EFT) by improving the biochemisty of your body and especially by eliminating food sensitivities. The fact is that it’s not just negative programming that creates the need for tapping. Many biochemical imbalances, particularly food sensitivities and common reactions to artificial, negative, and GMO foods, create self-defeating behaviors and increase the need for tapping. Because these factors also interfere with the effectiveness of tapping, addressing them will add value to your tapping and will improve your health and well-being regardless of whether or not you use tapping techniques.

My earlier blog, “Why Use Meridian Tapping Techniques?”, gives a brief background of the evolution of acupuncture meridian point tapping, and my book, Your Inner Pharmacy, can get you started if you are unfamiliar with tapping.  My book also explains the “psychological reversal,” which is so helpful in understanding the essence of tapping. Almost everyone has psychological reversals in some areas of their life, meaning there is a “disconnect” between your body and your belief system. For example, you may think you want to be healthy or to lose weight, yet your behavior and actions could continue to sabotage your health and your weight loss. The same principle can apply to your belief that you want to be successful in a particular area of your life, yet you don’t take the necessary actions to ensure your success. In these common examples of psychological reversals, your attempts to move ahead in positive ways can be stifled and sabotaged by your own biochemistry.

Correcting these psychological reversals is commonly done by tapping points on the outer edge of the hands below the 5th finger (the knife edge or “karate chop”point) while verbalizing the positive statement that one is reversed about. This specific hand point is on the acupuncture meridian for the small intestine, which means it is directly related to what goes on in your small intestine, which is highly influenced by the food and drink that you consume. A poor quality diet makes people reversed and re-creates reversals after they have been corrected, because it “flips a switch” in the small intestine and upsets the acupuncture meridian system.

What then constitutes a poor quality diet? Artificial and refined foods, man-made chemicals, genetically modified foods all confuse the small intestine and frequently create psychological reversals along with other chronic health problems.  Beyond this basic rule, a poor diet is quite individual, and almost any food that a person is sensitive to can create reversals. In an earlier blog, I talked about how most people have food sensitivities that increase inflammation in different parts of their bodies, based on their genes, and that your own best anti-inflammatory diet is a diet of foods that do not trigger inflammation or stress in your immune system. A great way to identify the foods that your body is reacting to and are likely causing reversals is through the ALCAT, a test available through my website, yourinnerpharmacy.com. Eliminating your reactive foods will improve your health, reduce your psychological reversals and will greatly enhance the results of your meridian tapping.

Understanding that foods may be sabotaging your emotional as well as physical health is quite empowering. Realizing that food sensitivities are likely interfering with your personal growth and success is equally significant. Identifying and eliminating food sensitivities can change your life, bringing improved health and well-being and allowing your beliefs to control your biology in positive ways.