How to Control Inflammation With Your Inner Pharmacy

The best anti-inflammatory medications are produced within your own body. If you have any condition that has “itis” in its name, like arthritis, bursitis, colitis, tendonitis, fascitis, you have an excess of inflammation going on in your body. To control this inflammation, you have probably tried taking over-the-counter or prescription medications. While they may have reduced your symptoms, you probably were concerned about their cost, both monetary as well as potential side-effects, and perhaps wondered if they were really addressing the cause of your inflammation and if there is a better long-term solution.

Your body can make the safest and most effective anti-inflammatory chemicals as long as three criteria are met. First, your body needs the raw materials, many of which come from good fats in your diet and nutritional supplements. Second, your lifestyle, including stress-reduction and specific exercise, determines what chemicals your body produces from those raw materials. Third, your body has to be functioning properly to promote the healing of the inflamed area.

All three of these criteria necessary for the production of good chemicals and explained in depth in my book, “Your Inner Pharmacy“, and all three are attainable for most people. You have a powerful resource, within your own body, that can be used to produce more good chemicals and less bad ones.

Excess inflammation is a contributing factor in most chronic diseases, whether inflammation targets your joints-creating arthritis, your blood vessels-creating cardiovascular disease and even dementia, your intestines-creating colitis, or any other “itis” condition. Don’t wait until excess inflammation or the side-effects from medications have destroyed vital body parts.

With the proper guidance, you can begin producing more anti-inflammatory chemicals now. My website, will get you started by teaching you great ways to promote fat-burning by exercising in a way that converts good fats into energy and anti-inflammatory chemicals.

Best wishes for your health and success.