Why Take Nutritional Supplements

Why Take Nutritional Supplements, When You Already Have a Powerful Inner Pharmacy?

Nutritional supplements, along with your diet, provide the building blocks that your inner pharmacy uses to make the chemicals that govern your physical and mental state. Which chemicals it produces, and the quantity of each, are influenced by the raw materials that you take into your body. Want to produce more anti-inflammatory chemicals of your own? Your body will naturally do it, but it requires specific building blocks including omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, niacin, vitamins B-6, E (although not too much E), C, magnesium, zinc, and calcium. If you really want to get your body making more anti-inflammatory chemicals, my recent book, Your Inner Pharmacy, will guide you in the process.

Your lifestyle, including your exercise, can stimulate the conversion of these raw materials into good chemicals that can help to minimize the deterioration of your body. While everyone’s body battles excesses of inflammation in the aging process, to a great extent, it is our genes that determine where we are most prone to inflammation. It could be joints (arthritis), the cardiovascular system (heart disease and dementtia), the digestive system, or the respiratory system, to take several examples. Regardless of its location in your body, the inflammation is a similar process, and your lifestyle (including your diet and the supplements you take) can either aggravate it or improve it.

Here’s another huge reason for taking nutritional supplements: The right supplements for you will bring you mental clarity, give you more energy, and help you to feel motivated to be more healthy…..all of which means you will be more inclined to persue a healthy lifestyle and to stay on a balanced track of eating and thinking “healthy” and exercising regularly.It’s true, and “the right supplements FOR YOU” is one of the keys. The other key is having and taking extremely high quality supplements.

This is pretty basic, but the two biggest reasons most people don’t take supplements are: 1) they don’t what to take or how much, and 2) they don’t know the quality of various supplements or even how to tell if they contain what the labels say they do.
My website, yourinnerpharmacy.com, offers a solution to both of these dilemmas, containing aquestionnairethat helps to match YOU to a set of high quality supplements that would be most beneficial for you. These supplements will provide your inner pharmacy with building blocks that it can then use to make more good chemicals that improve your health and well-being.

Remember, the supplements are only one piece of a healthy lifestyle, but they are an extremely important piece….especially if they help you to feel more naturally energetic and motivated, you will be much more likely to make healthy decisions about the rest of your lifestyle and your health care.