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Chronic Disease is a Process

Seventy-five percent of United States Health Care expense is for Chronic Disease, and mainstream medicine is using the wrong model. My book, "Your Inner Pharmacy", explains how the "silver bullet" medical model that works for acute and infectious disease is not the correct match for chronic disease. This mismatch underlies the greatest ineffectiveness of our health care system, and supports the two trillion dollar a year "Disease Management Industry" that is doing little to restore people's health and is enormously raising health care costs while people get sicker.  

"Your Inner Pharmacy" proposes a much more effective and sensible way to approach the growing problem of chronic disease that accompanies the aging process. This book, published in 2006, is said to have come out ten years ahead of its time. It's message is even more relevant today in 2016.

Very simply, chronic disease is normal physiology that has gone wrong. It is not a disease that you "catch" or get infected with; it is what happens when the body's normal function breaks down. Mainstream medicine attempts to manage chronic diseases by using medications to control the symptoms.

A much more effective approach is one that restores and maintains the normal function of the body, so chronic diseases don't develop or are minimized. This is precisely the approach I have used for the past forty years, with a unique blend of applied kinesiology, functional medicine, chiropractic, and acupuncture procedures, all of which are aimed at maintaining normal function and biomechanics of the body throughout all phases of life. 

It is time to change how we look at health and disease. There is so much to gain by working with doctors like us, whose focus is to improve your health, not just treat your disease. "Taking Back Our Wellness", the subtitle of my book, can bring you many more years of health and quality of life. 


Posted on May 13, 2016 and filed under Health Care, Healthy Aging, Prevention.