Getting Started

What is Start2Health?

Start2Health is a set of daily health promoting practices to train and fuel your body, for a life full of energy and wellness. It includes the opportunity for you to be matched to very specific high quality nutritional supplements that are right for you.

Why should you Start2Health?

Start2Health balances and transforms your Inner Pharmacy to increase both quality and quantity of your life.

Welcome to the Start2Health System

Following the 3 part system, detailed for you below, will help your body's Inner Pharmacy produce the good chemicals you need to achieve optimal health. While S2H recommends that you practice all 3 parts concurrently, you can benefit by practicing each part individually or in pairs.

Your Diet

Identifying the optimal diet for your metabolism and lifestyle

Despite advertisements to the contrary, a single magic diet doesn’t exist. The Start2Health Diet System™ will help you find the right balance for your body.


The Proper Supplements

The building blocks that you provide to the pharmacy within, through your diet and nutritional supplements, greatly determine what chemicals can be created to govern your physical and mental state.


Your Exercise Program

Learn your optimal exercise heart rate and train your body to effectively burn fat

The Start2Health Exercise System™ is an inexpensive, easily learned procedure which transforms dietary and body fat into energy and your own anti-inflammatory chemicals.