Your Inner Pharmacy Book


Your Inner Pharmacy Book


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Dr. Blaich’s book, Your Inner Pharmacy, stems from his 30 plus years of unique experience in teaching over 5,000 doctors and personally treating many thousands of sick patients, healthy patients who want to perform better, and world class athletes who want to exceed all previous limitations.

Discover and master the three basic factors that determine your inner pharmacy’s ability to produce good chemicals that improve your health and minimize aging and chronic disease.

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Your Inner Pharmacy provides an “in-depth” description of how your body creates good chemicals from:

  1. The raw materials you provide your body through your diet and nutritional supplements.
  2. Your daily lifestyle, including how you exercise and reduce stress.
  3. The proper function of your body, which is critical for your inner pharmacy to convert the raw materials into good chemicals, like ones that regulate inflammation, normalize your blood pressure, your blood sugar levels, and your moods, to take a few examples.

Guidance in all three critical factors above, can be found on this website and in the book, Your Inner Pharmacy.