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Several years ago I suffered two serious skiing injuries to my right leg. I broke my fibula and tore up the muscles in my lower leg while skiing. And I suffered an additional injury when I landed with full body weight directly on my hip on the ice while ice skating. When they happened, I remember saying to my wife these injuries would probably come back to haunt me some day. But once the break healed and the bruises cleared, I forgot about them completely—until a few years later when they began to manifest themselves in an aching leg at night that slowly became as painful as a toothache.

I ignored it as long as I could. Self ­treatment brought some relief, but eventually I couldn’t take the loss of sleep. So I called my pal Dr. Robert M. Blaich, DC, in Denver. Bob is considered the authority on Applied Kinesiology (AK) in the U.S. Since the death of George Goodheart, he is con­sidered the top AK clinician (treatment expert). So it was off to Denver for four days and two hour­ long treatments daily.

Bob discovered that some of my muscles were completely turned off, others were too spastic, and others too weak, all of this putting a torque on my low back, hip, knee, and ankle. He set about balancing the muscles in my leg and back, turning on those that were turned off, toning those that were too weak, relaxing those that were spastic— all the muscle changes that were the result of my accidents. Like all kinesiology treatments, these treatments reset my muscles and balanced my physiology (the way my muscles work together).

When I left, I was feeling pretty good, but not spectacular. And after a month, I felt like the treat­ments did some good, but nothing remarkable. Then another month passed, then another. And then I realized that my aching leg problems, in­cluding my hip pain, were gone. Bob had changed my physiology, allowing my body to once again function normally. It took about three months for these changes to finalize and for my body to adapt to its new physiology. And voilà, I’ve been sleeping well, playing volleyball, and being in the ocean in heavy surf without problems and without nighttime pain.

Kinesiology vs. Standard Medical Care

I sometimes wonder what might have hap­ pened had I not known about Applied Kine­siology and had to go the medical route. No one in the entire profession would even have a hint about muscles being turned off, spastic, weak, or out of balance following an injury. My medical alternative would have been drugs, probably pain killers and/or sleeping pills. At worst a structural abnormality might have been discovered on an MRI, and I might have been advised to have surgery. All of that would have been useless because the underlying cause would have remained ignored. And worse, I would have suffered through potential side effects, addiction to pain killers or sleeping pills, and all the potential dangers of surgery.

Applied Kinesiology is the alternative ap­proach to health care that tailors the treatment to the patient. The kinesiologist uses muscle testing to help diagnose problems. He or she can then balance the problems using muscle techniques, nutrition, acupuncture, and more. And when it comes to kinesiologists, Dr. Bob Blaich has taught over 5,000 doctors and is considered the expert.

If you have structural problems you cannot solve, AK might hold the answer. Find out more about AK by getting Bob’s book, Your Inner Pharmacy. It is available on Amazon or through Dr Blaich’s website, www.yourinnerpharmacy.com. And if you are in the Denver area and want to become a patient, you can use the website or call 1­303­399­5117. Like me, people come from all around the country to Denver for treatment.

Dr. George Goodheart was the founder and guru of Applied Kinesiology. I studied with him frequently, and he was an advisor to Health Alert. I always considered him one of the most know­ledgeable people on earth when it came to the human body. Dr. Blaich worked for years with Dr. Goodheart and upon his passing, Bob has rightfully taken his place as the leader in the unique world of healing.

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