Why Start2Health?

You were born with a unique set of genetic blueprints for health and disease. Even though it is not yet practical to alter your genetic predispositions, how you live from day-to-day and the choices you make determine what you create from these blueprints. In every moment, your body is constantly building and destroying chemicals and tissues. Some of these chemicals accelerate the aging process, and some slow it down. Some increase pain and inflammation, while some reduce it.

The Start2Health System’s simple approach will teach you the following:

  • How to fuel your body with the right diet and supplements
  • How to train your body to convert that fuel to energy and good chemicals
  • How to slow the aging process and reduce inflammation in your body

So many simple day-to-day decisions have a cumulative effect on your health and well-being. The choices you make every day include:

  • What you consume (food, drink, and dietary supplements)
  • What you do (work, play, exercise, recreation and relaxation)
  • What you think (mental work and games, spiritual activity, and religious pursuits)

Balance in these vital areas promotes overall health and reduces the effects of stress. Yet, most people lack balance in one or more categories. Some people dabble in these health components without guidance, continuity, or knowledge of how to obtain the benefits from each crucial element. Even if help is sought, doctors rarely assist or train people to become healthier. When unhealthy practices persist, the results often include:

  • Pain
  • Missed work
  • Time away from one’s family
  • Costly medical intervention
  • Additional Stress
  • Premature degeneration and aging

Many of the unhealthy practices stem from high-stress and “adrenaline-loving” lifestyles. These lifestyles lead to excess consumption of refined carbohydrates and “bad” fats. People use stimulants, like sugar and caffeine, to keep going in spite of a poor diet. And many haven’t yet learned to consume and convert wholesome foods into energy and chemicals that control inflammation in their bodies. To add insult to injury, it is so common to exercise in ways that burn more carbohydrates than fat (if any exercise is done at all).

However, by following the guidance of Start2Health, you can minimize the risk factors leading to illness and disease, improve your fitness, and start applying health-promoting practices – increasing both quality and quantity of life.

You can Start2Health at any time. The program will transform your body’s Inner Pharmacy to produce more good chemicals by guiding you to discover:

  • Your own diet (through basic guidelines and determining your own level of “carbohydrate sensitivity”)
  • Your unique nutritional supplements (through our interactive assessment and guidance system)
  • Your specific exercise heart rate (which will train your body to efficiently burn fat)
  • And, how to protect your own natural electromagnetic/acupuncture energy
    (thwarting electromagnetic fields that can disrupt it)