Dr. Brice Miller, D.C.


Dr. Brice Miller is a board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic with a special focus in neuromuscular balance and functional nutrition, which makes him especially effective in solving difficult problems. He practiced for 6 years in the Washington DC area before moving to Denver.  His clients have ranged from political officials and foreign diplomates to professional athletes or those just seeking correction of ailments and preventative care. Dr. Brice treats every patient with the individualized care they need and deserve by analyzing and addressing all causative factors involved in a patient’s case. These factors can range from biomechanical problems, internal system dysfunction, and life/environmental stressors. His experience has shown that a lot of pain and performance issues can stem from issues inside of the body, not just the actual area of complaint. He believes connecting these primary imbalances can get you lasting relief instead of chasing symptoms.

Dr. Brice continues to take many post doctorate courses in nutrition and structural techniques developed by his peers, as well as medical physicians, in order to stay on top of the cutting-edge research in the field.

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Internal Systems and Pain, Healing, and Performance: Your nervous system is designed to share information between organs and your muscles. Sometimes the internal issues such as: digestive dysfunction, liver/gallbladder irritation, immune system imbalance (allergies) or many other issues can cause the body to feel physical pain or fatigue. By identifying and addressing the true underlying factors you can subsequently improve pain and/or performance in the structural system. Dr. Brice believes this is one of the most commonly over looked paths to healing in modern pain relief.  He specializes in being able to assess and support these internal issues in the proper order through dietary modification, nutritional supplementation, and neurologic balancing.

Improving Fatigue, Sleep, and Sugar Cravings: Your adrenal system is responsible for giving you energy, maintaining healthy joints, and keeping your blood sugar levels stable. If you have had long term stress (structural, biochemical, or emotional) this system can start to crash.  Symptoms of this include feeling fatigued, not being able to stay asleep at night, craving sugar/carbohydrates/coffee, as well as pain in your joints or spine.  Dr. Brice can help you figure out and remove causative factors as well as show you how to rebuild this system to restore balance.

Education: Dr. Brice received his bachelor’s degree from Butler University and his doctorate of chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences, graduating with Magna Cum Laude honors. His post doctorate education includes: A New and Revolutionary Approach to Coronary Heart Disease (2017), The Brain: Nutritional Perspectives (2017), Central Sensitivity Syndrome (2016), Optimal Wellness with Detoxification (2015), Gastrointestinal Functionality and Health (2014),  Common Upper Extremity Conditions (2014), Professional Applied Kinesiology Course: 100 hours (2012)  A Holistic Approach to Overcoming Thyroid Disorders (2012), Professional Applied Kinesiology Course: 100 hours (2011), Immune Modulation: Simplifying Complex Concepts (2011),  Using Nutrition to Optimize Performance and Health in Athletes (2010), Specialized Adjusting Techniques: Spine 1 and 2 (2010), Functional Assessment and Rehabilitation: Spine and Extremities (2010).