After having my very first visit with Dr. Sean Miller I not only felt immediate relief from my back and leg pain but was enlightened with so much helpful information when it came to my overall health and nutrition. Dr. Miller taught me more in just a few visits than some doctor’s I’ve seen for years and that is because he genuinely cares, he listens and he treats according to your specific needs. His professionalism is stellar and he is extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone who is on the fence about seeking an alternative treatment plan to pain relief and wanting to improve your overall general health.
— L. Halverson
I am extremely grateful to Dr. Miller for his expertise, persistence, and support during a very painful time in my life. While other healthcare providers misdiagnosed and dismissed my health concerns, Dr. Miller committed himself to my wellness. He listened to my health concerns, assessed my symptoms, researched treatment options, and provided the essential care to improve my life
— M. Leonard
… I was blessed with being introduced to Dr. Sean Miller! Dr. Miller took his time and asked many questions and really listened to my answers and concerns. He then put me on a regimen of manipulations, stretches and exercises that he did to me and I did for myself…within several appointments (after previous 6 months of constant numbness and pain) the feelings started to come back into my hands…and it has only become more improved with each and every visit. It has been a great experience…thank you, Dr. Sean Miller for you understanding and care…it has made my life normal again!
— R. Richmond
Dr. Sean has been extremely helpful, kind and knowledgeable over this past year. I have been a long time chiropractic patient and came to Dr. Sean for traditional chiropractic manipulation. After a thorough exam he helped me understand how my chiropractic and other medical issues were tied to my standard American diet. I had been working my family physician to alleviate my depression with anti-depressants and antibiotics to cover other things that just kept going wrong. With changes to my diet and visits to the office I was able to stop taking the anti-depressants, drop unwanted weight, feel better than I have in a long time and after a year of letting my body heal conceive our second child. If you are looking for help beyond traditional medicine please visit Sean, you will be in great hands
— Jane B.