Women's Health and Your Inner Pharmacy

Most women’s health issues are regulated by the body’s production and breakdown of various hormones. While there is rarely a “magic pill” that fixes them, they can be usually be helped through lifestyle and holistic care that improves the health of the person.

While people often use hormone replacement therapy to “replace” what the body is not producing, there is much more to it and numerous options to explore first.

It would be great if there were a “quick fix” for hormonal imbalances in both males and females, but there really isn’t. If anyone offers you a “quick and easy fix”, you would do well to question it and consider the big picture…..your overall health for many years into the future.

Here is one example that you can use and apply to various hormones in the body. If you have symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, don’t immediately assume that you need more of a specific hormone. Many hormonal symptoms are produced from an excess of one hormone and a subsequent alteration of the ratio between that hormone and others. The single biggest cause of pre-menstrual symptoms is from an “excess” of estrogen that exists not because someone is producing too much estrogen, but because the liver is not breaking down enough estrogen. The liver’s inability to keep up with the estrogen breakdown further complicates the situation by creating the sugar and chocolate cravings that make the liver work even harder and make it less efficient at breaking down the estrogen.

What really helps the liver in regulating the estrogen level are 1) a healthy diet, 2) aerobic exercise, as described in “Your Inner Pharmacy”, and at yourinnerpharmacy.com, and 3) B vitamins, especially thiamine (vitamin B-1), which the liver uses in breaking down the estrogen. Emphasizing these three factors throughout the month, and especially during the week before the period, will minimize pre-menstrual symptoms for most women.

It isn’t a magic pill, but it is a totally natural and effective way to maintain healthy hormonal balance. You can simply do it through a lifestyle that maintains the normal function of your inner pharmacy.