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The Best Pain Control

Is the one that improves the normal function of the area creating the pain.

Because people don’t normally use this “common-sense” approach to controlling pain, our country is facing an epidemic of drug overdose from prescription painkiller use. So many people are now using opioid medications to treat their pain, it is now common to see television ads for medications to counteract some of the digestive side-effects.

Besides the tragic effects on the lives of people who use powerful, addictive pain medications, the even greater concern is that these medications do nothing to restore the normal function of the body. Rather than a person’s health actually improving, these medications usually contribute to a downward spiral of side-effects including depression and inactivity.

I fully understand there are situations in which the use of powerful pain medications is not only indicated but is a godsend. The problem, however, is that these medications are being extremely overused on millions of people who would benefit much more from treatment that would reduce their pain by correcting the malfunction in the body that is producing the pain.

If you know someone who is considering taking strong, addictive pain medication for a problem that is potentially fixable, please encourage them to contact us for a consultation and examination to see if there may be a better way to reduce their pain.

Each of our doctors has a unique expertise in controlling pain by restoring normal function to the body. We all use state-of-the-art Applied Kinesiology, Functional Nutrition, and Chiropractic procedures. In addition, I (Dr. Blaich) have an extensive background in controlling pain, including a Diplomate degree from the the American Academy of Pain Management.  Dr. Sean Miller also uses cold laser and dry needling techniques which are extremely effective. Dr. Shane Wells is on the forefront of new neurologic techniques that “re-set” the nervous system in powerful ways that normalize function and reduce pain.

Since it is unlikely that your friends and family will be referred to us by those who are prescribing the pain medications, please let people know there are may be much better options for controlling their pain in ways that could improve their health. We are here to help you and your loved ones.


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