Use Your Inner Pharmacy to Create Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging is the ultimate success and comes first from maintaining health throughout life. The early identification and successful treatment of disease only come into the picture when your inner pharmacy breaks down and is no longer able to maintain the healthy normal function of your body. It is much more efficient and effective to restore and maintain health than it is to treat disease.

The solution to our “health care crisis” is NOT about treating disease. It is first and foremost about maintaining health. Everyone can do specific tangible things on a regular basis to maintain their health and avoid or delay the onset of what are considered “age-related” chronic diseases.

The fact is that your diet and lifestyle greatly determine what chemicals your body is producing right now as you read this and at all times. Your body is like a chemical factory that makes hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, and many other chemicals, based on the “raw materials” your have given it through your diet and nutritional supplements. Furthermore your lifestyle, like exercise, sleep, and stress-reduction play a big role in directing what chemicals your body produces.

You may be producing chemicals that are aggravating the inflammation in your joints, your blood vessels, brain, or digestive system, or you could be producing chemicals that decrease and control this same inflammation. It all depends on Your Inner Pharmacy, this powerful tool that you can use to create either health or disease. My message is to teach people how to use this tool to create health and to increase their quality of life.

It is widely known that a healthy diet, regular exercise, and stress-reduction can promote health and actually prevent disease. However there is no one healthy diet that is ideal for all people. This variance is due to body type, activity levels, individual food sensitivities, stomach and digestive system function, past stresses and chemical imbalances, a whole host of factors that mean there is value is working with a health professional who can help you identify your ideal diet and nutritional supplements to complement it.

Similarly, in the world of exercise, there are right ways and wrong ways to do it that determine the benefits obtained as well as the risk of injury. Again, working with a health professional, whose training and focus is to improve your health, is greatly beneficial. If you are not sure where to start, read Your Inner Pharmacy or check out the exercise section of

The other big factor that determines what chemicals your inner pharmacy produces is the proper function of your body. This is where past stresses, injuries, and chemical imbalances all contribute to the breakdown of the the normal function of the body. It is also this factor that has so little understanding in our culture. In terms of routine maintenance, most people take better care of their cars than their own bodies. The reason for this goes deep into our disease-oriented and pharmaceutically-dominated culture.

If you shift your focus to maintaing health, you will probably want to work with an Applied Kinesiologist, who can help to restore and maintain the normal function of your body and your powerful inner pharmacy.