Are You Receiving the Benefits of Health Care that Restores Normal Function to Your Body?

Have you ever felt that an old injury has disrupted the normal function of your body?  

While the acute pain from an injury may be gone, be suspicious if you have the feeling that you just haven't felt the same since that injury.  Here's an excerpt from page 28 of my book, "Your Inner Pharmacy"......

"If you are like most people, you probably have more routine maintenance performed on your car than you do on your body. Yet your body is subject to wear and tear, just like your car. For example, the body has “shock absorbers” in the feet and ankles. When working properly, nerve endings, called mechanoreceptors, in the feet and ankles contribute to balance, coordination, and normal muscle function throughout the body. When your car has been in an accident, a realignment of the suspension and wheels is often needed. Without realignment, the car runs poorly and less efficiently. Parts (such as the tires) wear out faster than they should. Likewise, in the human body, common sprains and strains that are not treated properly and do not fully heal lead to a lifetime of poor shock absorption that creates premature degeneration of knees, hips, and spine. Improper alignment of vertebrae in the spine and other joints in the body due to falls, injuries, accidents, traumas, and poor posture creates excessive wear and tear on the mechanics of the body and leads to deteriorating function of the nervous system and its control of all body parts.

Healthy aging is keeping all parts of your body working as well as possible for as long as possible, and routine maintenance for your body is a way to accomplish that. Many holistic healthcare professionals such as chiropractors and osteopaths do specific corrections on the body to help restore normal function, even after years of neglect. 

It's important to proactively seek healthcare after injuries because unhealed sprains and strains define the aging process. Besides the increased wear and tear and early deterioration of joints, due to poor shock absorptions and misalignments, many of us give up on exercise because it becomes a miserable experience that feels like we are doing more harm than good. Unfortunately, once we give up on exercise and activity, the aging process accelerates. Do you want that to happen at age forty? Or one hundred?"