Discover Your Own Healthy Diet

Improve your physical and mental health by eliminating foods that weaken your immune system and create inflammation throughout your body. Whether you are really sick with a chronic disease or are more concerned about mental clarity, prevention, and healthy aging, you deserve to know what specific foods are creating problems for you and what foods you can eat without adverse effects.

First, know that there are different types of food allergies and sensitivities. Besides the traditionally recognized food allergies that create immediate life-threatening reactions, there are other types of food allergies and sensitivities that create less severe and delayed responses, sometimes 24-48 hours after consuming a food. However it is these lower grade, delayed responses that are so often responsible for chronic problems. For example, would you have thought that your shoulder or knee pain, headaches, indigestion, fatigue, or mental fog may be the result of your body’s reaction to a food that your are eating regularly?  Since food sensitivities can trigger inflammation anywhere in your body,these are all common symptoms and can become severe, acute problems.

In my book, Your Inner Pharmacy, I tell the story of a famous orchestra conductor who experienced disabling shoulder pain and was anticipating surgery. His problem totally disappeared after we discovered that wheat was triggering weakness and inflammation in his shoulder. Not only was surgery unnecessary, it would not have corrected the problem. All he had to do was eliminate wheat from his diet and his shoulder problem took care of itself. This doesn’t man that everyone with a shoulder problem has a reaction to wheat or that everyone who eats wheat is doomed to get a shoulder problem; the fact is that everyone’s body reacts in different ways to different foods. And yes, food sensitivities are becoming much more common, as the quality of our food has deteriorated and our digestive systems have become compromised by varying stresses.

How could you know what foods you may be reacting to and furthermore to know if the reactions are mild, moderate, or severe? I have seen tremendous value in a specific blood test which evaluates the reaction of your white blood cells when exposed to specific foods. Called the ALCAT, there is more information on my website,, and the opportunity to proceed with discovering what foods your body does and doesn’t react to. Once you obtain this valuable information, you will know your own anti-inflammatory diet.

Just know that there is no “magic” medication that will eliminate these food sensitivities. However you may be taking medications to treat the symptoms that your food reactions are causing. Rather than treating the symptoms that result from the food reactions and the further problems that often result from the side-effects of the medications used to treat the symptoms, you can treat the cause of the problem. It will require you to eliminate certain foods from your diet…..usually not forever, but for a period of months. During that elimination period while you are no longer triggering the reaction, your digestive and immune system can be healing and improving in function. Working with a holistic doctor, such as an Applied Kinesiologist, can optimize this process, the restoring of normal function to your body.

The beauty of this whole approach empowers you to deal directly with improving your physical and mental health in a way that eliminates specific symptoms and complaints.