Use Applied Kinesiology to Restore and Maintain Normal Function

Applied Kinesiology is a state-of-the-art system for identifying malfunction in the body, especially the nervous system, and then correcting it.  Healthy aging depends on keeping all your parts working as well as possible for as long as possible, and is greatly enhanced by applied kinesiology’s capacity to restore and maintain normal physiology. An Applied Kinesiologist uses the science of manual muscle testing along with traditional diagnostic testing to identify malfunctions in the body, and then uses a wide variety of natural treatment techniques to restore normal function as much as possible. Read Your Inner Pharmacy, the book I wrote that explains Applied Kinesiology and the thought-process used by an Applied Kinesiologist.

The fact is that stresses and injuries disrupt normal function, leading to so many common and painful conditions. When these conditions deteriorate enough, they become chronic diseases, which is what over 75% of U.S. health care dollars are spent on managing. Very simply, the typical approach of allowing our bodies to “breakdown” and “fall apart”, rather than maintaining health by correcting them along the way, is why we now have a “Two Trillion dollar a year” Disease Management Industry that will soon be paid for by our tax dollars.

It is much more efficient and effective to restore and maintain health than it is to manage disease. By shifting the focus from treating diseases to maintaining health, we could be improving quality of life for hundreds of millions of people and saving enormously on health care expenses. We could be postponing and delaying the onset of chronic diseases, even allowing much of the money currently spent on managing these expensive conditions to be used for purposes that strengthen and enrich our society, like education for example.

Aging is not a disease. Healthy Aging is much like an endurance sports event, and those who are most successful have learned to maintain optimal function and to extend the life of their parts. An applied kinesiologist can greatly assist you in restoring and maintaining your health.