Why Nutritional Supplements?

The building blocks that you provide to the pharmacy within, through your diet and nutritional supplements, greatly determine what chemicals can be created to govern your physical and mental state. In other words, which chemicals your inner pharmacy produces, as well as the quantity of those chemicals, is highly influenced by the raw materials available in your body.

Life in the twenty first century inherently contains physiologic demands that are unlikely to be met by even the best of diets alone. Not only is our food less active and nutritious, but our increasing stresses require more raw materials in order to produce the chemicals that sustain a healthy balance.

My experience has shown that the two biggest reasons most people don’t take supplements are: 1) they don’t know what to take or how much, and 2) they don’t know the quality of various supplements or even how to tell if the supplements contain what the labels say they do.

One solution to both these dilemmas is to schedule an appointment at my Denver clinic. If that is not logistically possible, you can schedule a phone consultation to review your health history and arrive at specific recommendations for laboratory tests and nutritional supplements.

The right supplements for you will bring your mental clarity, give you more energy, and help you to feel motivated to be more healthy…..all of which means you will be more inclined to pursue a healthy lifestyle, to stay on a balanced track of eating and thinking “healthy” and exercising regularly.