Start2Health Diet System

People thrive on different diets, based on their biochemical individuality. Your stress level and how you offset that, with stress-reducing activities like exercise and recreation, also contribute to the equation. Read through the steps below to determine the correct route to your balanced diet.

Before you begin any Exercise or Diet program you may want to consult your physician. 

Step A: Discerning your carbohydrate Tolerance

Determining how well your body tolerates carbohydrates is a primary consideration in matching the best diet to your system. The Two Week Test leads you to discover this level for yourself.The Two Week Test is recommended if you have one or more of the following symptoms:

  1. Body inflammation (painful joints, muscles, or any symptom that reduces with anti-inflammatory medication) 
  2. Cardiovascular stress  
  3. High blood pressure 
  4. Fatigue (either mental or physical)  
  5. Weight problems 
  6. Intestinal bloating
  7. Accelerated aging

Step B: A basic healthy diet

Some basic principles of a healthy diet apply to almost everyone. Following this practical guide will help you tailor a diet to your body and lifestyle. Later versions of Start2Health will further individualize your diet by assessing other metabolic factors.A Basic Healthy Diet is recommended if you do not have any of the seven symptoms described in Step A, but want to naturally enhance your energy, clarity and endurance.